Ken Johnson -
A Dynamic Motivational Speaker!
Messages of Encouragement
and Empowerment.


Ken Johnson, Changing Lives
for the better, one message
at a time.


Fighting To Finish Strong!
And Helping Others to
do the same!!


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“When I see the reactions and expressions on the faces of the people in my audience, I realize that that this is what I’ve been put on earth to do – bring hope to as many people as I can.”
~ Ken

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Welcome to the website for Ken Johnson and Emerging Eagles! Ken is a speaker, chaplain and equipper who wants to help you and your church, organization or school begin to soar as Emerging Eagles. As you click around on this site, we pray that your hope will increase and you will begin your own Journey toward Excellence.



Ken Johnson Ministries and Emerging Eagles serve one master and one mission; to proclaim the Faith, Hope, and Love of Jesus Christ.


Ken Johnson accomplishes this mission by:

  • Singing and producing praise and worship songs
  • Serving as a TV Personality who reflects Christ
  • Preaching and Speaking the Gospel
  • Serving as the volunteer Chaplin of the Indianapolis Colts



By singing, acting, preaching, speaking and being a Chaplin, Ken is able to proclaim the Faith, Hope and Love of Jesus Christ to ONE MILLION people annually. Ken’s personal mantra is “Mission before Money” and “remove greed from the equation” which allows him to remain focused on the mission and provides the greatest impact for the Kingdom. Ken is not distracted by the things of this world (money, greed, etc.) but rather believes we are only as impactful for the Kingdom as we are healthy, so let’s stay healthy by eliminating greed, money and other worldly distractions from our lives”.


This belief is reflected in Ken’s organizational structure. Ken Johnson Ministries is a for-profit organization design to provide operational funding for Ken and his team as well as funding to Emerging Eagles (a not-for-profit organization). Thus, lessening the operational costs of Emerging Eagles and ensuring every donation to Emerging Eagles is maximized under the best stewardship practices possible. This allows Emerging Eagles to invest even more funds into the mission of proclaiming the Faith, Hope and Love of Jesus Christ. As an example, there are many urban ministries that cannot afford to employ Ken to speak however; Ken won’t let that stop him. Your donation to Emerging Eagles allows Ken and his team to speak at organizations (such as urban ministries, small churches, etc.) for free or at deeply discounted rates.


Do you want to help proclaim the Faith, Love and Hope of Jesus Christ to over a million people every year? There are two ways you can help…

  • Make a tax deductible donation to Emerging Eagles (a 501c.3 organization recognized by the IRS) to help Ken speak, sing, preach and teach the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ to many other churches, schools, organizations and associations that can’t afford to pay a speaker, singer or talent.
  • Hire Ken Johnson, through Ken Johnson Ministries, to as a motivational speaker or singer to draw alongside your ministry team or corporate team.