Cam Newton: Be true to yourself


If you’re going to Finish Strong you have to:

Be true to yourself



Why won’t the media report things like this about Cam?

I can so feel Cam being true to himself. Many people feel some players in the NFL should all conform to a certain pattern, even when there’s no consistency in how they judge the patterns of different players.

This reminds me of some church people. Some religious people are quick to criticize differences and worship and preaching styles. The way they dress is just one example. Suit and tie versus dressing casual. Women wearing pants or not wearing pants and service, etc.  There are many more I could talk about.

I so feel Cam being himself in the mist of criticism. So many people have called me a nontraditional Pastor and criticized me for doing the television show Match Made in Heaven.

It’s time to be true to yourself and what God has called you to be and do to give Him Glory and help all feel His love regardless of all the haters and Pharisees.  It’s time to Finish Strong and make sure that God gets the glory in all we say and do.

If we are all the same, then some of us are not necessary. What makes God so great it that He made us all so different. I pray we celebrate differences and stop criticizing them.

“I pray we will live in a country where we will no longer be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. “  ~Dr. Martin Luther King Junior


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