Work with Ken

Ken’s message provides listeners with an arsenal of tools to bring about meaningful change in their lives and in the lives of those around them. He helps others overcome adversity by providing practical information and the powerful hope of Jesus Christ. He brings a relevant message that will motivate men, women, and youth from all walks of life. The outcome is the empowerment of others to transform themselves first, and then lead others to finish strong.


Ken tailors his programs to address the needs and interests of any group looking to be inspired. His wealth of stories and anecdotes set any group at ease and draws audiences into his life experiences by making them relatable to everyone. Each of Ken’s experiences is focused on speaking directly to the heart and mind of the individual audience with consideration to age, emotional maturity, and the challenges and expectations of each group. The message and accompanying materials are also tailored to address the specific areas of relevance for each audience.

Ken’s message addresses:

  • interpreting God’s Word for use in daily life
  • identifying goals and obstacles
  • problem solving to overcome obstacles
  • addressing real-life challenges with well-grounded thinking
  • addressing personal goals and laying out a plan for accomplishment
  • living daily life to become our ideal selves
  • maintaining a positive outlook and perspective
  • how to affect others for transformation




Corporate & Other Organizations

Bring an empowered breath of life into your organization, book Ken Johnson today! Debunk the stereotype of the office being a dreaded place. Ken will inspire your team and improve the way your organization operates with one power-packed session! Motivated and empowered teams create a healthier corporate culture which in the end, increases the bottom line.





Helping to empower and transform the youth of America is Ken’s main passion. His goal is to bring a mission of hope to the next generation of kids by sharing relatable messages, creating a strong connection with students ranging from teens in high school to twenty-somethings in college or seminary school. Ken ignites a spark in any school he visits. Ken speaks to youth on a personal level and is able to love and understand their position and what they’re facing. He understands that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and his goal is to equip them with the power to finish their formative years with the tools they need to set strong goals and reach them.



Middle Schools

For middle school children, Ken’s material focuses on the confusion of puberty, the stresses of peer pressure, and relationships with parents.


High Schools

For high school youth, Ken’s material addresses teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, team sports, putting school first, and the challenges of entering adulthood.


Youth Groups

For boys and girl’s groups of all ages, Ken’s material tailored for younger audiences shares messages of encouragement to spark motivation and a positive outlook for the future.





Colleges (University, Seminary or Technical)

Ken’s material for college-aged audiences has a more mature nature with focus on expectations after college, directing career paths, preparing for corporate America, and parenthood.







The material focus for seminary audiences is on how to mentor and lead, as well as how to address issues and possible problems that pastors, mentors, and church leaders will face once they’re in church. Following a more spiritual path with Seminary students, the assemblies cover topics such as how to mentor and be a leader, and how to address issues and possible problems that pastors, mentors, and church leaders might face once they have accepted positions within a church.






Ken partners with churches to set the stage for genuine transformation and growth. As an example of how God’s love can take a hopeless kid destined to repeat the cycle of his circumstances, and turn him into someone who wants to share hope with others, Ken will inspire congregations everywhere. He teaches the importance of covenant relationships between church members and encourages congregations to let truth and integrity reign supreme in their personal and public lives.


Prisons and Institutions

Ken’s background gave him insight into life challenges that not all people experience. His messages of hope and transformation inspired by the difficulties he faced motivate others who feel at their lowest points to rise above their circumstances and embrace the future with a positive outlook. Ken addresses the most difficult of topics and puts his audience at ease with the knowledge that he understands them.